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  • Language should never be a barrier to help. That's why all LIVE<b>STRONG</b> support center team members speak both English and Spanish.
  • 82c of every dollar donated helps to provide cancer support services, including free emotional support, insurance information and fertility services for people affected by cancer.
  • Some people get confused between LIVE<b>STRONG</b>.ORG & LIVE<b>STRONG</b>.COM. So here it is: .ORG focuses on cancer support. .COM focuses on healthy living.
  • Not next year, not next week. LIVE<b>STRONG</b> helps patients improve their outcomes and quality of life NOW.
  • LIVE<b>STRONG</b> can find and help you apply for government funded programs that can ease the financial burden of cancer.
  • From emotional support to medical guidance, LIVE<b>STRONG</b>'s services are free for anyone affected by cancer.
  • LIVE<b>STRONG</b> works to connect uninsured patients to insurance programs so they can afford treatments.
  • LIVE<b>STRONG</b> coordinates fertility services discounts that have totaled $8 million in savings since 2009. As you survive cancer, so can your future family.
  • LIVE<b>STRONG</b> provides free support to caregivers and family members of those with cancer, including how to get the most out of your insurance coverage.
  • Distance to treatment can be a huge barrier to getting the right cancer care. That’s why LIVE<b>STRONG</b> volunteers in Texas are piloting a program that gives rides and transport vouchers to patients who have to travel for treatment.
  • LIVE<b>STRONG</b> isn't about finding a cure or about one particular type of cancer. We help anyone facing cancer improve their outcomes and quality of life NOW.
  • LIVE<b>STRONG</b> offers free assistance with insurance and financial concerns.